Date: 25 / 03 / 2014

Press Release


Press Release No. DHI/M&PR/1b/2014/189

14 March 2014, Thimphu, Bhutan: Over 150 leaders from Bhutan and across the globe will meet in Thimphu, Bhutan to participate in the first Better Business Summit which will be held from 26-28 March, 2014. The summit is jointly organized by] the Royal Government of Bhutan, Druk Holding & Investments Ltd. (DHI), and the Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI).

The Summit, the first public-private dialogue of its kind in Bhutan, will bring together top leaders from business, government and international organizations to explore challenges and design solutions to business-related issues such as entrepreneurship, private sector growth and investment as they relate to Bhutan's growing economy. Based on these engagements, the summit aims to demonstrate the importance of collaboration between the government and business to create enabling environment for the private sector to be the engine of growth of the economy.

The theme for the summit this year – ‘Competitiveness through Collaboration' – takes aim at collaborative solutions to three sets of challenges: economic competitiveness, promotion of entrepreneurship and employment, and ensuring a green economy. In this regard, the summit will provide value not only to leaders from Bhutan, but also to those who see Bhutan as a potential important and sustainable investment opportunity.

The Better Business Summit has full support of the Royal Government of Bhutan, and will be launched by the Honorable Prime Minister, Tshering Tobgay. "While, as a nation, we seek to increase exports of Bhutanese goods and services as well as foreign investments in Bhutan, the Better Business Summit will allow the Government to show the private sector and the world that we mean business through better policies and increased competitiveness."

The Summit comes at a time when Bhutan has just begun the implementation of its 11th Five Year Plan, has launched the new Economic Stimulus Plan and is reviving the Business Opportunity and Information Center. All these ambitious activities are expected to help reduce unemployment, promote entrepreneurship, reduce economic vulnerabilities and achieve sustainable economic growth. The Summit will provide a platform for dialogue, transparency and stakeholder engagement on these critical issues.

The Chairman of DHI says that, "DHI is pleased to be a co-organizer for the first ever Better Business Summit. This event is expected to set an excellent precedence for public-private collaboration and it is a demonstration of DHI's commitment to strengthening private sector development in Bhutan."

According to the Joint Secretary of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, this Summit will support collaboration between public and private sectors. "We welcome the opportunity to use the Better Business Summit to engage proactively and practically with the private sector as we seek to create a more business-friendly environment."

Recognizing the desire for more meaningful engagement on core policy issues related to economic development, the private sector is fully behind the Summit as well. According to Dasho Ugen Tsechup Dorji, President of BCCI, "Only through open dialogue and a better enabling environment can we create a more competitive environment for business."

The summit will see interactions amongst top leaders from business, government and international organizations in a mix of facilitated workshops, panel discussions and televised debates.

The main sponsors of the summit are the Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the World Bank Group.

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