04 June, 2015

Press Release

DHI and DHI Owned Companies to support and promote Local Bhutanese Products

Press Release No. DHI/M&PR/1b/2015/529


29th May 2015: During the 21st DHI CEOs Round Table Meeting(RTM) held at Paro, The DHI Chairman and CEOs of DHI Owned Companies and BOB, unanimously agreed to procure and use locally produced construction  materials for future construction activities.

Henceforth, DHI Owned Companies and BOB are required to incorporate the use of locally produced materials as part of the tender document & procurement policy. These products include concrete blocks, hollow blocks, steel, pre-fabricated/fabricated products and any other locally produced construction materials.

The initiative to use locally available construction materials is taken mainly to promote local products and in doing so, it is expected to create employment, ease rupee shortage by substituting use of imported products and support Bhutanese private sector and the economy as a whole.

During the Meeting, DHI chairman, Dasho Sangy Khandu said "Times calls for a bold decision and if DHI Companies as the investments arm of the government were to create a positive impact in the Bhutanese economy, it has to lead and also take risks to boost the economic growth". He further added that the use of locally produced constriction material is the first step in this direction.

Under DHI, there are currently 11 Owned Companies and BOB with the total net worth of more than 70 billion, there are many construction related activities planned and it is expected to boost the economic growth in the medium term. At present, DHI Companies contributes close half of governments' domestic revenue in the form of taxes.