17th February, 2015

Press Release

Signing Of Memorandum of Understanding between DHI, HI and AFF

Press Release No. 

Thimphu, 16 August 2013: On 17th February, Memorandum of Understanding was signed between DHI, Haruka International Ltd. and Alliance Forum Foundation in presence of honorable Secretary Dasho Tenzin Dendup, MoAF at Lemeridien Hotel.

Mushroom, in particular Shiitake mushrooms has been very popular and commonly consumed in Bhutan, and production of mushrooms is the essential income source for farmers. However, a substantial gap exists between the demand for mushroom and the production capacity of commercial mushrooms due to lack of available technology.

Haruka International Co., Ltd. (HI), a Japanese mushroom producer with extensive experience in producing high quality organic mushroom with simple technology, believes that the mushroom business in Bhutan has a large potential, and the technology it has could serve to improve the productivity and quality of mushrooms in Bhutan with Bhutan producing mushroom for the international market with their support.

This project will ultimately create employment opportunities and thus contribute towards the upliftment of the livelihood of the farmers in Bhutan.

The promoters of the project will be Haruka International from Japan and Druk Holding and Investments Limited in collaboration with Alliance Forum Foundation (AFF) and in association with the Department of Agriculture under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, Royal Government of Bhutan.

Haruka Inc. and DHI in association with National Mushroom Centre will be starting a pilot phase of the project immediately.

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