Corporate Services Division

Corporate Services Division is headed by an Associate Director. The Division has four key functions which are:

I. Media and PR

  • Collaborate with functional departments and conduct important events including the Annual Press Conference of DHI Owned Companies & Liaise with the media agencies to facilitate media coverage on DHI under the guidance of CEO & maintain relation with the media fraternity.
  • Keep abreast of the social, mainstream and other forms of media coverage on DHI and take appropriate measures to manage DHI’s image and interests under the guidance of CEO.

II. Procurement

  • Enter into annual procurement contract for routine goods and services. Eg. Catering, printer cartridge, etc.
  • Provide support service to functional departments/offices in the procurement of goods, services and works and facilitate and ensure that procurement is carried out in keeping with the Procurement manual and the Delegation of Powers document.

III. Information Technology

  • Support DHI in providing ICT solutions to its group companies, new investments, trainings and also explore new ICT based projects.
  • Implement practicable cost effective ICT and MIS solution for DHI and its companies.
  • Create, implement, maintain and review ICT specific processes, methods, principles of working, systems and models that are the most effective and reflect the business needs. 

IV. General Counsel

  • Provide legal support to the Departments and provide legal views and legislative policy feedback to the external agencies.
  • Undertake legal due diligence to facilitate activities such as M&A, incorporation, business expansion, drafting AoI, SHA/JVA, MoUs, etc., and liaise with DHI companies and advice the companies on legal matters referred to DHI.
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