Corporate Services Division

Corporate Services Division is headed by an Associate Director. The Division has four key functions which are:

I. HR & Admin Division

HR and Admin Division is headed by an Associate Director. The Division’s responsibilities are:

·      Provide strategic organizational support to DHI management and DHI Companies;

·      Serve as focal point to all other departments and divisions on HR and general administrative matters;

·      Support the business processes of DHI and liaise with portfolio companies in developing HR synergies;

·      Administer and implement HR policy and procedures, and monitor their effectiveness;

·      Ensure that the day-to-day HR and administrative functions are carried out efficiently.

II. Procurement

  • Responsible for procurement of Goods, Services and Works and ensure that it is carried out in keeping with the DHI Group Procurement Manual and the Delegation of Powers.
  • It is the nodal agency to implement the DHI Group Procurement Manual 2021
  • Support DHI and DHI Group of Companies in implementing and interpreting DHI Group Procurement Manual 2021.

III. Information Technology

  • Support DHI in providing ICT solutions to its group companies, new investments, trainings and also explore new ICT based projects.
  • Implement practicable cost effective ICT and MIS solution for DHI and its companies.
  • Create, implement, maintain and review ICT specific processes, methods, principles of working, systems and models that are the most effective and reflect the business needs. 

IV. Media and PR

  • al departments and conduct important events including the Annual Press Conference of DHI Owned Companies & Liaise with the media agencies to facilitate media coverage on DHI under the guidance of CEO & maintain relation with the media fraternity.
  • Keep abreast of the social, mainstream and other forms of media coverage on DHI and take appropriate measures to manage DHI’s image and interests under the guidance of CEO.

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