Department of Investments

The Royal Charter for DHI mandates that “ …the national wealth belongs to the people, and should be safeguarded for all generations of Bhutanese and therefore must be managed and enhanced through prudent investments

In this pursuit, the Department of Investments is mandated to explore both domestic and foreign Investments. Under a broad framework of “ Strategic, Purposeful and Necessary” opportunities are explored across geographies, sectors and value chain grounded on good Risk Management tenets. The Department functionally operates;

i. Business Development & Strategy Division : Explore and Identify investment opportunities mainly in the domestic market. Carry out feasibility studies, formulate business plans, develop project implementation models and identify and set-up governance and implementation teams.

ii. Investment Abroad Division : Explore, Identify and investment in opportunities by use of financial instruments mainly in foreign geographies and markets.

iii. Enterprise Development Division : Sustainably support and promote entrepreneurship in the country. Skill enhancement, Financing, Mentorship, Monitoring services are provided for a holistic approach to entrepreneurship.

iv. Project Implementation Unit : Explore Project implementation modalities and provide handholding during implementation.

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