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FAQ - DHI & Government Agencies

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With DHI, what would be the role of various government agencies?

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  • The government (MoF) and DHI will set mutually agreed upon performance targets for DHI.
  • MOF will monitor DHI's performance.
  • The government will create enabling environment for economic development based on policy feedbacks from DHI.
  • The government will provide active support to DHI in sourcing of funds and negotiations.
  • The government will also support DHI in institutional building and capacity development.

How would government agencies benefit?

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  • With the creation of DHI, the government agencies will be able to focus on their primary role of policy, planning, regulation, etc. Increased revenues from DHI will allow for larger budgets.
  • DHI will develop business talent for the corporate and private sector and civil servants will not be deputed to the corporate sector. DHI can act as the governments arm for investment outside Bhutan which the government cannot do.
  • DHI can also raise funds from outside Bhutan.
  • By providing services more efficiently, DHI will enhance the image of the government and country.
  • DHI will be able to provide technical backstopping services to the government and carry out implementation activities of the government.

Won't the DHI take away revenues from the MoF?

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  • DHI fully realizes that the revenues from the Portfolio companies form a substantial percentage of the revenues to the government and it will continue providing these revenues to the government. In fact, the objective of DHI is to increase these revenues to the MOF.
  • There will be a clear agreement between MOF and DHI on the dividends to be provided by DHI to MOF. This will be based on revenues that have been provided in the past by these Portfolio companies to MOF.
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