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FAQ - DHI & Private Sectors

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How would the private sector of Bhutan benefit?

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  • DHI will provide support where private sector is currently lacking resources.
  • DHI will be a trend setter in corporate governance and act as a catalyst for governance, management, benchmarking in corporate affairs.
  • DHI will develop pool of business talents which could spill over into the private sector.
  • Liaise with government agencies to facilitate an enabling environment through credible long-term government policies for the development of a dynamic private sector.
  • Facilitate research and development to identify changing potentials and challenges for broader investment avenues in and outside the country.
  • Promote and market a strong brand that capitalizes on the strength of Bhutan.
  • Increase private sector shareholding by divesting shares in select companies.
  • DHI will be open to various forms of partnerships. (Public Private Partnerships, Joint Ventures, Foreign Direct Investments, Consolidations, Mergers and Acquisitions, etc).

Won't DHI stifle the private sector?

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DHI would complement and not compete head on with the private sector as its investment would be in the following areas which might not be attractive to private sector :

  1. Ventures with long gestation period
  2. Strategically necessary but potentially higher risk ventures
  3. Commercially viable but lower returns.

Will DHI divest shares of profitable Portfolio Companies such as Bhutan Telecom and Hydropower Companies?

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  • DHI will be considering making divestment but this would be done after the investment and divestment policies are put in place. However, this would require certain time frame to assess market conditions.
  • DHI will need a revenue base to meet its obligations to the Ministry of Finance and to create revenues to undertake its plans and projections. On the other hand, DHI will create new opportunities for private sector investment in hydropower companies as well as other attractive commercial ventures. These would be taken into consideration before making any divestment proposals.
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