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Group Financials
Total Asset and Net worth
During FY2022, the Group experienced a 11.78% increase in its total assets, from Nu. 241,246.61million in FY2021 to Nu. 225,128.39 million in FY2022. Similarly, the net worth saw a growth of 5.61% (Nu. 5,555.485 million) rising from Nu. 98,976.48 million in FY2021 to Nu. 104,523.32 million in FY2022.
Group Revenue & Profit Before Tax (PBT)
The Group's total revenue increased 13.77% to Nu. 45,866.34 million, from Nu. 40,314.16 million in FY2021. This increase can mainly be attributed to Nu.3,737.00 million growth in 'Revenue from Customers' through the sales of Services and Trading goods. Sales of Services accounted for 21.72% increase, from Nu. 6,949.50 million in FY2021 to Nu. 8,459.23 million in FY2022, and sale of Trading goods accounted for 15.52%, from Nu. 6,901.30 million in FY2021 to Nu. 7,972.11 million in FY2022.
Assets by Sector
The year's total expenditure increased by 25.76% to Nu. 33,068.30 million from Nu. 26,294.78 million in FY2021. This is mainly due to an increase of Nu.3,300.51 million in the Direct Cost of Sales on account of a 419.54% (Nu. 1,820.56 million) growth in Energy and Wheeling Charges and a 65.90% (Nu. 1,331.43 million) growth for Materials used in Infrastructure Development. The aircraft fuel, oil and operating cost also increased by 231.30% (Nu. 665 million) to Nu. 952.81 million in FY2022.
Group Vs Others’ Contribution to National Revenue
In its continued effort as a corporate citizen to give back to the community, take part in philanthropic causes, and provide positive social value of far-reaching impact, DHI contributed a total of Nu. 9.38 million towards activities initiated by CSOs, NGOs, and institutions and Nu. 1.17 million in donations.
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