Leadership and Change Management - DHI

Leadership and Change Management Workshop for Senior Executives of DHI Companies

Paro, 29 September 2015: Druk Holding and Investments (DHI) conducted a three-day workshop for Senior Managers of DHI companies from 29 September 2015 at Paro. The training for Senior Executives is conducted as part of DHI's efforts to supplement existing leadership talent within DHI and its companies to develop their roles in driving transformation of the companies into highly efficient and competitive entities.

The training this year is being conducted by Mr. Heera Singh of HEERA Training and Management Consultancy in Malaysia, focusing in particular on leadership development and change management including:

  • Understanding the process of change and why organizations need change
  • Leadership and its critical importance in the change process,
  • Role of individuals in reinforcing organizational change,
  • Key to self-improvement and self-development,
  • Identifying change to improve your organization.

Twenty six senior executives from eleven DHI companies are attending the workshop.

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DHI and its subsidiaries, as commercial entities of the government, will need to change to remain competitive in the volatile business environment. I hope the participants, after the training, will embrace change willingly because the only constant in life and in management is change.

Heera Singh