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Development of human capital will be the Group’s primary focus in the coming decade. Currently, DHI is faced with high attrition rates. It is also in want of skills in most segments. The fulfilment of goals and objectives under other guiding themes depends on DHI’s success in development and retention of human capital.

Further, the desire is also to go beyond the national borders and be able to provide expertise in the region, particularly in specific areas of hydropower, transmission, rural electrification and ICT. The Group will also enhance capacity to make investments abroad, not just through partnerships but independently by developing our own internal capabilities.

With an exception to areas that are highly specialized and of latest modern technologies, the ambition is to be in a state where the group no longer needs services of external consultants in all

areas of operation.

Employee Testimonials

DHI employees have the following things to say about the company

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I feel proud to be a part of the growing DHI, since 2008. I am feeling more self-reliant, confident and very passionate with assigned responsibilities. I work in a pleasant environment and one that I feel is the real place for me to grow professionally. 

The organization is growing rapidly at a global level and I am very content that I have a key role to play.

Karpo Tshering

Sr. Manager | CSD | DHI

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Since 2015 at DHI, I was blessed with opportunities to work in various capacities and assignments with complete autonomy. It has helped me to grow professionally and personally and given me the confidence to take on more responsibilities. I have been constantly guided by the top management and was enormously benefitted in terms of knowledge and experience. DHI is a strong and stable company ensuring every employee’s security and professional growth. I feel proud that I am a part of this learning organization. 

Phub Lhamo

Sr. Analyst | CPD | DHI

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The best thing about DHI is that the vast majority of folks you work with are excellent in their own right. If you are used to being a big fish in a small pond, you will quickly discover that in here you will be swimming with sharks. Guided by His Majesty’s overarching vision for our country, we are geared up to fulfil the nation’s mandate of economic sovereignty. It is the best Institution to work and groom oneself to be a seasoned corporate professional.

Kumar Gajmer

Sr. Manager | NDI | DHI

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I joined DHI last year (2020). It’s just been a year here at DHI. But the journey thus far is so enriching and fulfilling. Working with some of the brilliant minds of the country and being in DHI is my life's dream come true. The journey isn't ending now. It has just begun. From a typical Science student to Literature and then Business studies, I am now back to Innovation and Technology. Perhaps, it is the call of the nation under the overarching vision of His Majesty to navigate this digital era successfully, that inspires every soul to embark on this noble endeavor.

Kelzang Lhendup

Manager NDI | Innotech | DHI

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