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Technical Clarifications:

1. The location of the site

  • The Hatchery site will be in the Phuentsholing township development plan, next to the new quarantine center.
  • Around 10 to 15 ponds will be constructed near the hatchery. Rest of the ponds will be on the other side of the river. A map has been attached for your reference.


2. Master plan

  • Since Thormde has not issued the Lagtharm to Crawfish Himalayan Limited, the Master plan has not been made for the entire area. However, Phuentsholing Thromde will be the demarcating the land very soon and issuing the lagtharm. The overall master plan will be issued after the award of the work


3. Excavation of the earth

  • The excavation of the earth entails preparation of the ponds. The excavated earth after preparation of the embankments will be dumped within the employer premises as directed by the engineer incharge. Any movement of excavated earth from the dumped area will be paid according to the provision of the price schedule.


4. Structural layout and design.

  • Structural and Architectural layout has be provide for guidance/ reference only. As stated in the Annexure III, Technical Specifications for PEB Hatchery Building.


5. Minimum Guaranteed Weight and Drawings

  • As stated in Annexure III, the bidder shall submit the minimum guaranteed weight along with the Staad Pro files for the Hatchery building. However, the bidder need not submit the complete set of design drawings.


6. Similar work experience / Technical points

  • The bidder may submit similar work experience as entailed in the bidding document. Since the project duration is 8months, it is preferred to have bidders with experience in construction of Pre- Engineered building / Steel building construction. Hence, the points will remain the same.


7. Time Extension

  • The submission date will be extended till the 2nd November 2023


8. Skilled Manpower

  • The requirements of the skilled manpower will remain as stipulated in Annexure I, Evaluation Criteria.


9. Contract Duration

  • There won’t be changes to the contract duration.

System Clarifications:

1. Submission of Technical and Financial Bids.

  • The Bidder is required to submit the Technical proposal in the Technical folder and the financial proposal in the Financial folder.

2. File Upload Size is very small

  • The documents should be zipped and uploaded in the folder.
Site map

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