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How will DHI support democracy?

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  • DHI as an enduring institution will be responsible for safeguarding the wealth of the Nation for posterity and will continue to provide resources to the elected governments.
  • A strong economy will be necessary to promote a vibrant democracy.
  • DHI is being set up to specifically hold and manage the government's resources, it will be able to accelerate investments and create additional employment opportunities which will help in the economic development.
  • With its linkages across all sectors (government, private, corporate, Bretton Wood Institutions, ADB and Indian Commercial Sector), DHI could provide policy feedback that would help in economic development.
  • DHI will enhance transparency, accountability and responsibility in the corporate and private sector and will help promote a clean (corruption free) democracy.
  • As a well managed organization, DHI should be able to generate additional funds for the government for its social activities and budgetary support.

How would DHI promote equitable distribution of revenue from national resources?

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  • The government would be in the best position to equitably distribute the national revenue. Through prudent management of resources, DHI will maximize revenues for the government.
  • Where commercially viable, DHI could undertake projects that would promote balanced regional development.

How would the people of Bhutan benefit?

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  • DHI as an enduring institution will be responsible for safeguarding the wealth of the nation for future generations.
  • Government's social activities would be mostly rural based and increased revenue provided through DHI would help the government in accelerating the rural development.
  • Through DHI's investment in large scale commercial activities, employment opportunities would be increased.
  • Through its performance benchmark which would include customer services improvement, DHI will help develop the corporate and the private sector to improve services to the public.
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