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FAQ - DHI & Portfolio Companies

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How would the portfolio companies benefit from DHI?

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  • Portfolio Companies will report to a full time commercially oriented professional management team that would be able to provide better guidance and support.
  • DHI will set the performance benchmarks for the Portfolio Companies and monitor them.
  • DHI will source funds through use of consolidated reserve funds, dividends and balance sheets.
  • DHI will appoint Portfolio Companies' board members based on the competencies needed at the Boards of the Portfolio Companies The Boards will be monitored closely to ensure that they provide good value addition to the companies.
  • DHI will pool in resources and establish common platform for technologies, procurement, and HRD.

How will parity amongst Portfolio Companies be maintained?

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  • DHI will provide the guidelines for the Portfolio Companies with the guiding principle that their remuneration and incentives will be based purely on their performance.
  • Performance targets will be objective and based on the type of business and industries that the Portfolio Companies are in.
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