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Construction and Building Materials

With the rapid increase in construction in Bhutan, demand for construction services and materials are increasing. Most of the construction materials being important, there is huge opportunity to develop new and innovative building materials in Bhutan.

Energy Intensive Industries and Manufacturing

The availability of clean, green, and competitively priced power in the region, along with potential raw materials, makes Bhutan an attractive place for investment in Energy Intensive Industries. There is possibility of setting up energy intensive industries mainly to export to the large Indian market.

Information and Communication Technology

Taking advantage of the availability of reliable and affordable green energy, adequate internet and telecom infrastructure, educated manpower and government support and incentives, Bhutan is seeking to develop businesses related to ICT and IT enabled services. 


At present, agriculture in Bhutan still consists largely of farming and animal husbandry at a subsistence level. There is tremendous opportunity to introduce new agribusinesses and expand the existing ones through innovation and promotion of ‘Brand Bhutan.'

Infrastructure Development

As a fast developing country, there are many major infrastructure development activities being planned and undertaken in the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors of the Bhutanese economy. Complementing the efforts of the government and the private sector, there are niche investment opportunities to be tapped in increasingly strategic and major infrastructure development activities in Bhutan.

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